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General information & Entry Conditions 2019

2. Open 2019

U21 – Boys & Girls International Championship Tournament
WAGR – counting event

Lauro Golf, Spain

Conditions of the Competition

1. Date and venue

a) Official practice day: 2nd of January 2019

b) Tournament days: 3rd – 5th of January 2019

c) Venue: Lauro Golf Course (holes 1 – 18) in Spain.

d) Address:

Cortijo El Paredón
Ctra. Málaga a Coín A-404, km 14
29130 Alhaurín de la Torre – Málaga (España)
Tel: (+34) 952 41 27 67

Fax: (+34) 952 41 47 57

Tel. from Spain: 675 38 75 78


2. The Championship

a) The Championship shall be open to boy and girl amateur golfers of all nationalities.

b) It shall be played by 54 holes of stroke play. One round of 18 holes shall be played on each of the days. No cut.

c) The winner shall be the competitor who returns the lowest score over 54 holes. In the event of a tie, there will be a sudden death play off over holes to be decided by the Championship Committee.

3. Nations Cup

There will be team competition named Nations Cup during the first 54 holes. One team is three or four players from the same country or same golfclub. If there are more than six players from one nation or golfclub, it will be two or more teams. The players with lowest handicap will form the teams unless a nations Golf Federation or coach reports another team. Two best scores from each round will be counted to the team score.
Team registration is being made during Tournament Registration.

4. Rules

a) The competition will be played according to the Rules of Golf defined by the R&A Rules Limited, Finnish Golf Union Hard Card and local rules.

b) Players are allowed to use caddies during the championship, but the caddie must be 21 years old or younger. The Committee applies the Note on Rule 6-4, prohibiting Professional golfers to caddie. Penalty for breach of this conditions of the competitions is two strokes or loss of hole for each hole at which breach occurred. Maximum penalty is 4 strokes or loss of two holes. Penalty for repeating this breach is disqualification.

c) Distance Measuring Devices
In this competition a player may obtain distance information by use of a distance-measuring device. If, during a stipulated round, a player uses a distance-measuring device to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his play (e.g. elevation changes, wind speed, etc.), the player is in breach of Rule 14-3.

5. Entries

a) 84 players (60 boys and 24 girls) shall play in the Championship. If entries exceed 84, they shall be reduced to 84 by these exemption categories:

• 6 best players from Open 2017 (3 boys and 3 girls)
• Finnish Golf Union players, 40 players based on handicap (30 boys and 10 girls)
• International Entrants based on handicap (27 boys and 11 girls)

6. Entry Qualification

Entrants must be:

a) Under the age of 21 at 00:00 hours on 1st January of the year in which the Championship is to be played.

b) Entry for Finnish players is open and closing date for Finnish players is 6:00pm 31th of October 2018.

c) Entry for international entries is Open and closing date for international entries is 6:00 pm 27th of December 2018.

d) All entries must be completed and received by the Championship Committee by the date entries close.

All international entrants, if not entered through their federation, must send a handicap certificate to before the closing date, Thursday December 27th 2018. This certificate must be undersigned by the player`s home club or the national golf authority.
• If some category will not be fully booked after closing date for Finnish players entries, then field sizes between categories can be changed by the Tournament Committee. After that Tournament Committee has also right to accept late entries. The reserve list will be used in case of cancellations.

7. Entry

Entry for the tournament, please click HERE

8. Entry Fee

The entry fee is 150 € (euro) per player. There is no addition entry fee for the team competition.

The entry fee 150€ must be paid by CASH to the Tournament Office during registration of the competition.

Entry Fee includes:

Free Practice round on 2nd of January (on the day before Championship)

Three Tournament days on 3rd – 5th of January

Free use of practice facilities during Official Practice day and competition days

Physiotherapy and massage service

Prize giving dinner

9. Prizes

a) The winners shall be presented with the Trophies at the Prize Presentation.
In addition, prizes shall be awarded to the top 5 places in each category and the top 3 Best U16 players.

b) The winner team of the Nation’s Cup will be awarded.

10. Registration

All players must register at the Tournament Office as soon as possible during the times stated below and no later than 15:00 pm on Tuesday of January 2nd.

Registration will take place in Lauro Golf as follows:

– Wednesday 2nd of January (from 8:00 to 15:00 hrs – Tournament Office)

Tournament office will be located behind of Lauro Golf`s Club restaurant. Beside of practice green and 9th hole`s green.

11. Practice

Official free practice day!

Free practice round includes in Tournament fee.

Tournament fee must be paid during registration before practice round.

All participants should book their own practice tee times.

Starting time for the practice round should be registered and confirmed by Lauro Golf caddiemaster.

Following note must be mentioned in the booking e-mail: Open practice round tee time. Holes 1-18.

12. Caddies

Caddies up to 21 years old are permitted.
The Committee applies the Note on Rule 6-4, prohibiting Professional golfers to caddie.

13. Prize giving dinner

Prize giving dinner will start on Saturday 5th at 4pm or right after all scores are complete.
Dresscode: Casual

14. Accomodation

Please contact to Lauro Golf
Tel: (+34) 952 41 27 67

Fax: (+34) 952 41 47 57

from Spain: 675 38 75 78


15. Tournament information package

An information package will be sent out to all federations and individual entrants later. This package includes more information about practical arrangements, schedules, facilities etc.

16. Tournament Information

For further information please send e-mail to: